Xpress Publishing Services is a fast growing publishing services corporation offering high-quality publishing, translation, and localization services at competitive prices. Our experience in the fields of publishing and translation along with our technology, quality assurance, and expertise put us ahead of our competitors.

Xpress Publishing Services mission is to enable its clients, authors and publishers to create professional designs and layouts to the highest standard for their papers, journals, books, …etc

Our experts in the fields of publishing, translation, and localization provide all clients around the world with creative solutions in order to assist them to achieve market access and global success.

Keeping in line with the most updated world publishing technologies furthers our proficiency in InDesign, PageMaker and QuarkXPress, etc. With such knowledge, we are not only mastering the multi-languages abilities (English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, …etc) in page editing, composition/assembly and proofreading, but also accumulate a lot of experience, which will meet the most complex specification required by our customers all over the world.